I would like to welcome all of the members to the Black Teacher Educate network. This is the first newsletter to welcome all of our Educators to a network that is here to help support and promote the success all of our Black Educators. As a network we are here for the same purpose, to uplift and encourage Black Educators to continue to challenge, inspire, and give young scholars a chance to make their dreams and aspirations come to life. As the year progresses we will highlight different educators that are part of the BTE network so shine their academic success in the classroom.

"Black educators bring benefits to classrooms that go beyond content knowledge and pedagogy." - Andretta Rhone

This Issue

In this issue I would like to highlight the founder of the Black Teachers Educate Network, Ms. Andretta Rhone. Ms. Rhone is a native of Atlanta GA, and a successful entrepreneur that created BTE to help promote Black educators that are here to help our young scholars be successful in the class as well as out of the classroom. She is passionate about her career and wants all educators to showcase their talents so that we can all encourage one another to do the same. As the founder of BTE, she inspires all educators to unite and help change the way our scholars view the world. Remember that “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” -Gandhi


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